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About me

I’m an English lass from the Greater Manchester area, wife to a Styrian Austrian and proud mother of an adult son. I grew up in South Africa and Namibia and after a short visit home, came to Austria as an au pair.

Working in the travel industry afforded me the opportunity of travelling to many countries and acquainting myself with different cultures. It was during this time I obtained an internationally recognised teaching qualification, the “CELTA” certificate (Cambridge Certificate for teaching English as a Second Language) which I still frequently use to help others communicate in my native tongue.

However, to find my true calling, I had to experience first-hand what the Austrians mean with one of their sayings, "Es muss immer erst etwas passieren, damit etwas passiert" which translates to something akin to: "Something's gotta give, for something to change.”

All that business of travelling, including carrying heavy suitcases and high-season holiday stress took its toll: I was suffering from multiple injuries and chronic pain before I was 30. After a while though, I realised if I wanted to get better, I'd have to do something about it myself, so I took the advice of an orthopaedic doctor acquaintance in Graz and read David Butler’s book, “Explain Pain”.

This proved to be the turning point in my life: the end of my pain and the beginning of my fascination with “the true miracle of nature,” our body.

I completed my medical massage training (which also qualifies me to conduct electrotherapy treatments) at the training centre for healthcare professions, Institute Bergler in Graz.

More vocational training courses (e.g. Touch for health, Migraine and headache treatment) and conferences / seminars  (e.g. lymphoedema, fascia, etc.) followed, before subsequently passing the state examinations to become a clinical massage therapist.

My Philosophy

My own experience of normal working hours being incompatible with massage business hours before I became a therapist, led me to understand the demand to accommodate the schedules of working folk.

Seeing as most people work during the day and only have time for themselves and their health management after work or at the weekends, I opened my own private practice this year to be available at times more suitable to your needs; from 4 to 10 pm every day.  Yes, that includes weekends!  

Another advantage is that most massage techniques, especially lymphatic drainage, tend to be more beneficial when applied during the evenings anyway -  no more work before going to bed.

There are many different techniques that we clinical massage therapists learn and apply, and although expertise and trust play roles in your health improvement, the most important factors for are your own postive attitude, goal orientation and active welfare.

We, the therapists, are not the healers, you are!

Learn how your body functions, and what you can do to promote better health and support your own recovery, improve your agility or mobility, and alleviate your aches and pains.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in my practice.


Make a plan and make it work.